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  • Is our academy a licensed school?
    Yes, Nai Beauty Studio & Academy is a licensed private career school in the state of Oregon.
  • Does our program(s) issue licenses?
    While we do not issue the licenses, upon graduation you will qualify to test for your studied field with the Oregon Health Licensing Office to receive your license.
  • Who are the instructors, and are they licensed?
    Nai and Jayzel are our Cosmetic Tattoo instructors, Carina, Sarah and Isabel are the Esthetician instructors. Our instructors are licensed in their perspective field, and are registered instructors with the state of Oregon.
  • How long are our programs?
    Our Permanent Cosmetic Program is 12 weeks (6 online, 6 in studio), our Esthetician Program is 8 weeks in studio.
  • What does the Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo program include?
    Our students will learn Powder brows, Combination brows, Microblading, Lip blush, Eyeliner, Freckles, Tiny tattoos and a premium student kit.
  • What does the Esthetician program include?
    Lash extensions, Brow lamination & tint, Lash lift & tint, waxing, facials, dermaplaning, makeup application and a premium student kit.
  • What payments options are available?
    We are currently only accepting cash, checks, and credit cards (a 3% card fee applies)
  • Do we offer financial aid?
    Unfortunately, we currently do not offer financial aid.
  • What are the class sizes?
    Our cosmetic tattoo program has a max of 8 students per class, with 2 instructors. Our Esthetician program has a max of 12 students, with 1:6 instructor to student ratio.

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